Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Ten Dollar Challenge #2: Lip Products

Hello all!

Look at me go with my little series, so professional and stuff. 

I was originally going to do my favourite Lipsticks individually by colour (a reds posts, a coral post etc) but I just got to darn exited and had to do it all in one! 

The only alteration I have made to the series is announcing a winner at the end. The is more of a 'can you even find good products that cheap' kind of challenge  so I am hoping to find more than one goodies each challenge!

Savvy Lipstick: Chilli & Unknown,  $4.99 AUD.
Colour Payoff: Very pigmented lipsticks for the price, in a range of colours (althought the coral is always sold out!!!)
Feel: Drag a little on the lips, but if you use a lip scrub or a lot of lip balm it should end up okay. 
Lasting Power: These last about 3 hours on me, which is decent for such a cheap price. 
Overall: I think these are perfect for beginners or those who wants to bulk up on colours that might not get much wear (they do a purple which looks amazing). 

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick: 120 Cutting Edge,  $9.95 AUD.
Colour Payoff: A bit sheer, but with two layers it can be a very dark purple. 
Feel: Soft and moisturizing. 
Lasting Power: Stays on for at least 4 hours, even with drinking and eating. 
Overall: Really good lipstick for the price, plus you can often get Rimmel on Sale. I think I paid only six or so dollars for this. 

Rimmel Vinyl Jelly Lip Pencil: 009 Hot Spark & 001 Moreish,  $2.00 AUD.
Colour Payoff: These are an odd pair. They are pretty much lipsticks in the form of a pencil. They do not extend lipstick wear at all, and have a very glossy finish. I use them alone as a lip colour, as they provide an opaque but shimmery finish.
Feel: VERY soft on the lips, they can even melt a bit. 
Lasting Power: Essentially a lipstick/gloss you have to reapply every 2 hours or so. 
Overall: Combines the ease or applying a lip pencil with the finish of a lipstick/gloss. 

Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Hour Lip Pencil: 21 Red Dynamite,  $8.50 AUD.
Colour Payoff: Very opaque, but doesn't give an even coverage, as with most liners. 
Feel: Typical, soft to put on but dries and isn't very hydrating. 
Lasting Power: Does help the longevity of lipstick slightly, not 1000 hours, and nothing like that of high end brands. I would not suggest wearing this on its own as it can looks VERY patchy. 
Overall: Okay to use for everyday extended lip colour, but I would buy high end if you really need your lipstick to last. 

Sportsgirl Pout About It Lip Colour: Wizz Fizz,  $9.95 AUD.
Colour Payoff: I am not sure if it is just this colour, but it is on the sheerer side. However with a few layers it looks pretty darn orange to me. 
Feel: Very soft and velvety due to the sheerness. 
Lasting Power: Not too well, id say reapply every 2-3.5 hours, and most definetly after eating and drinking. 
Overall: Fun colours and a cheap price, these are pretty good lipsticks. However they never go on sale (at least not that I have ever seen - correct me if I am wrong) so maybe go with the Rimmel Lasting Power instead.  These do make very cute gifts though. 

Sportsgirl Pucker Up Lip Crayon: Unknown,  $8.95 AUD.
Colour Payoff: This lip crayon is practically glowing it is so neon, and with just a few swipes is very opaque. The one major downside is if you have dry lips like me (my lips peel/flake almost every day) this baby shows if off like crazy. Not even a lip balm underneath can hide it. 
Feel: This goes on very smoothly, with out any dragging. 
Lasting Power: This stained my lips quite a bit, and was still around 3 hours later after eating and drinking. It does not wear too well though, coming off more in the center of the lips and leaving a line around the outside. 
Overall: Not a dry lipped girls best friend, but if you are not as flakey as me these are amazing quality for the cheap price. In saying that you do not get a lot of product (it looks half used when you buy it), and will have to own a large sharpener. 

(In order of appearance)

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