Saturday, 30 November 2013

Brand Blurb #7: Maybelline

Here we go again!

"Maybe it's Maybelline"


Best Products: 

Colour Tattoo: $11.95AUD
These are really great to be worn alone or as eyeshadow bases. I really wish Australia would hurry up and get in the other shades ( keeping my eye out for the skin colour!) They will last you for ever and blend out really well. 

The Falsies Mascara: $19.25AUD
This is an amazing mascara. Funnily enough I bought this in original formula and hated it, but the waterproof worked wonders on me. 

Dream Lumi Concealer: $17.95AUD
I think I bought 3 of these in a row and absolutely loved them. It covers well while brightening, but lately I have only been spending 5 or so dollars to save money. Every scent counts! When the holiday period is over and I am no longer forced to skimp and save (due to my own overspending on Christmas gifts), this will be one of the first things I purchase. 

Worst Products: 

Coverstick Concealer: $10.50AUD
This is a cakey, small colour range concealer not worth over about 3 dollars. The green in was unable to be covered, even with a full coverage foundation. 

In-between Products:

Mega Plush Mascara: $19.95AUD
This is a good mascara, but i find it flakes off a bit, or smudges. I may try the water proof version and have better luck with that. 

Babylips: $3.95AUD
I cant  say these are bad, but they certainly haven't improved my excessively dry lips by any means. If you have normal lips though these are cute and affordable. 

Mineral Powder Foundation: $24.50AUD
I used this religiously for about 3 years, but now other powders have just come into my life. Great for beginners as it does not cake up, and is easy to pop on with any old brush. I hated the container, I could never get out enough without a poof of powder going into the air. I could just be a bit special though, being the clumsy person I am. 


Maybelline is a good brand, not one I would call my favorites, but does have a few stand out products. I shop for mine at priceline, and am envious of all those Americans who purchase it as such cheap prices!

That is all lovely people! Talk soon :)

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