Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Tag Time: I Love Fall

Hello lovely blog people!

I was tagged by The Brunette Kichenette to do this Tag. 

Although it is not Fall right now in Australia, I will be heading off to a colder climate in about 2 months so I guess I will be combined that with the things I was using back in Autumn.

Hope you guys enjoy!

1. Favorite fall lip product? The Rimmel by Kate Moss Lipstick in a rich deep purple, which is colour 04 

2. Favorite fall nail polish? Dark green! I love OPI's Dont Mess with OPI

3. Favorite fall drink? I do not really drink Starbucks, so I will say Soy Chai Lattes, with lots of cinchona on top!

4. Favorite fall dish?
 It was really cold yesterday in Melbourne and I have a yummy hot soup, but in Fall particularly I love pumpkin soup!

5. Favorite fall scarf or accessory My massive ASOS fringed snood! So warm and cuddly its like a blanket for your neck and face. 

6. What scares you the most?
 Everything haha! Probably people with axes or something stupid like that. 

7. Favorite Halloween movie? The Witches of Eastwick. 

8. What is your favorite fall make-up look? Dark lips with a soft brown smokey eye. 

9. Do you celebrate Halloween?! If yes, what are you dressing up for? If no, would you like to celebrate it?
 Australia does not really celebrate Halloween, so even when I was 16 and older my parents would not let me go trick or treating. I would love to celebrate it, and did have a Halloween themed 10th birthday party. 

10. What is your favorite thing about fall? Autumn leaves and cuddling up in the cold. 

That is all for now guys, talk soon xx

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