Sunday, 20 October 2013

Shoe Collection

Hello Bloggerinos! 

Today I am showing you my shoe collection. I have gotten rid of a lot in the last year or so (maybe 8 pairs), but I have repurchased the same amount, if not more!
I am a shoe addict and I know it, but I promise all of these have been worn at least once! I have also owned some for many years now, and as you can tell not all of them were expensive. 

All my shoes are kept under my tv/bookshelf/desk area. The shoe racks were both purchased for me by my mother, many years ago now. I'm sure they were from Traget, Kmart or the likes. 

I will not write about all of the shoes but will just give a few snap shots, if you want to know the brand of any let me know :)

I know you are all thinking "ohhh ahhh look at that fancy editing yeahh." I took seriously blurry photos as I had to get down on my knees to get these. The solution: vintage effect! 

That is it for today my lovely followers :)

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