Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Handbag Collection

Hello Blog people!

Today I am showing you my Handbag collection, as I am sure you got from the title. My 'everyday' handbag has recently become deceased, and in an effort to not buy a new one straight away, I have reorganized my stash. 

As with shoes I always tend to go for bright or loud patterned bags, which isnt always a good thing. I will probably repurchase a plain black/brown everyday bag while in Japan, but for now I cant justify spending money. 

Lets get on with it:

This last bag here was one I made myself for year 9 or 10 textiles class. I don' t think I have used it since then, but I just cant bare to get rid of it. Before you ask, yes I was going through a bit of an Emo/Punk phase back then haha.

Talk soon! xx

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